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See our very own
Rocking Chairs
that recline.


  • Rocker & Recliner in one; watch video
  • Contoured seat – No cushion needed
  • Ultra comfort & back support design
  • Choose your own wood & stain color
  • Shipped right to your door.

Watch how our rocking chair works!


We actually call these rocking chairs our Rocking Recliners. As a rocking chair, they are the most comfortable chair you will ever sit in. Our rocking chairs have a low center of gravity which allows for a nice slow, gentle rock. When you are ready to really relax you just shift your weight back and the rocking chair will automatically recline without ever tipping over. You must try it to believe it! Rocker prices range from $600-$850. Price varies with size of rocker and choice of wood.

  • Spindle-back Rocking Chair
    212-L1AT Large, Country back,
    A arms, Tall
    (also in small, wide, & X-wide)

  • Spindle-back Rocking Chair
    212-L1BT Large, Country back,
    B arms, Tall
    (also in small, wide, & X-wide)

  • Spindle-back Rocking Chair
    212-L1CT Large, Country back,
    C arms, Tall

  • Non Tipping Rocker


  • Spindle-back Rocking Chair
    212-L7CT Large, Contemporary back,
    C arms, Tall
    (also in small, wide, & X-wide)

  • Slanted Stool
    helps to keep the Rocker reclined
    for a relaxing rest.

  • #623-15x 10 "Slanted Stool"
    Stool can be slide under
    chair for storage

  • Spindle-back Child's Rocker 211-1A
    Country back, A arms, 13 x 14 x 29"h

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