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A Few Favorites

  • Mission Bed - There's no worry that the design and construction of this bed will stand the test of time. Our Mission-style bed will make an attractive addition to any bedroom. Let the kids jump on it to their heart’s content; it’s handmade from solid hardwood. The bed is available in single, double, queen, and king size.  View Beds
  • Spindle-Back Chair - Our Spindle-Back Chair is good looking, comfortable, durable, and versatile -- designed to stand up to active families, whether used as a dining chair or side chair.  It has superior back support.  Joints won’t come loose. A matching armchair is available. View Dining and Side Chairs
  • "Just keeps growing" Extension Table - You don’t have to settle for one size to meet all of your needs. This solid, hardwood extension table starts off as a cozy 42” wide and 60” long, but easily extends to over 20 feet long by adding leaves. We even make matching leaf-storage racks for when your guests have gone home. View Dining Tables
  • Corner Cupboard - Show and store your prize possessions in an attractive corner cupboard. This 84”- high corner cupboard has upper glass doors for display, while the wood doors below hide whatever you want to store. We will even build a corner cupboard to your size and storage needs. View Corner Cupboards
  • "Won't tip over" Rocking Chair - This amazing rocking chair was designed for comfort and safety. The angle of the back and the low center of gravity provide a relaxing slow, smooth rocking action. And it’s a rocking recliner when you shift your weight back. But don’t worry -- it won’t ever tip over. View Rocking Chairs
  • TV Buffet Stand - This stand is perfect for just about any size flat-screen TV. The storage area below will hold your electronic games, audio/video components, DVD player, and even your favorite CDs and DVDs. Other TV stands, cabinets, and wall units are available. We‘ll make any size or configuration you desire. View TV Stands
  • Chest of Drawers - This clean-line chest of drawers is 40” wide and stands 54” high. It features 5 full-length drawers with large wooden knobs, and is made from solid, hardwood -- even the drawer bottoms and case back. The drawer operation is smooth and sturdy. View Dressers and Chests
  • "Hide the mess" Roll-Top Desk - There is something magical about roll-top desks. Our Roll-Top Executive Desk is handmade from solid, hardwoods, just like the grand-old desks so popular in the 19th century. Select Oak, Walnut, Cherry, or Hard Maple. We also make a wide variety of computer-friendly desks, workstations, and business centers. View Desks and Work Stations
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