Furniture Maker

  1. Quality custom designed furniture from a furniture maker begins in the drying kiln - the most important step in building quality furniture. As a premeire furniture maker, we slow-dry our rough-sawn lumber in our own kiln so that we can monitor the moisture levels and properly dry the wood. We heat the kiln to a temperature that reduces the stresses that occure in the drying process. When wood is dried too fast, it will shrink rapidly and the stress will cause cracking in the wood grain. The lumber must be properly dried before a furniutre maker can use it. Some lumber will dry for several years before we move it along in the process.

    Our drying kiln is heated by our own wood scraps, so we are not using any extra energy to dry our wood.

  2. After the wood has met our standards for moisture, it is stored in a closed, climate controled building so that it is ready to be used as soon as it is needed and it won't take on any moisture. It is said that the best way to dry your wood is to let it sit and become accomodated to the same room that the final piece will be displayed in. Well, that's not possible but we come awfully close.

    Our woodshop is also climate controled for this same reason. In the winter time we're heating and adding moisture to the air so the wood doesn't get too dry and in the summer time we're cooling and reducing moisture in the air so the wood doesn't take on additional moisture. This makes for a great working climate for our craftsmen as well.

  3. The next step is the start of actually building the furniture. We don't mass produce our furniture like most furniture makers, each piece is made to order and built by one craftsman from start to finish. Our craftsmen have been trained right here in our own shop, and bring their own individual strengths into building the highest quality furniture you will find anywhere.

    • First the craftsmen will review the order and make any changes to the plans or create brand new plans.

    • Next he will select the individual boards to be used in the building of the piece. He will take into account grain and color of the wood to create a beautiful design.

    • The boards will then be processed through our fine tuned joiners, planers, and table saws until they are ready for the gluing process.

    • After the glue dries the craftsmen will carefully sand, cut, and turn the boards until they are ready to be assembled.

  4. After the craftsman completes the building of the custom furniture it will be carted to our staining station where the woodstain is hand rubbed into the wood. Taking the time to allow the stain to adhere to the wood grain is essential to the quality and consistancy of the stain color.

  5. The stain is allowed to dry and the next step is applying the water resistant finish. We use the highest quality finish on our custom furniture. The furniture is carted into a special spray booth where we filter all dust out of the air to ensure a smooth finish. The first coating of finish is put on heavy, after drying, the finish is sanded smooth. The second coating is put on more carefullly to eliminate any possible runs or drips. After this step the furniture is inspected to make sure it has a smooth coating over the whole piece. We spray the top, bottom, inside, and outside of our furniture. This adds to the longevity of the furniture by not allowing the wood to take on moisture unevevly over areas that wouldn't be covered. Even after the finish is applied the hardwood will continue to expand and contract, this has to be taken into consideration during the assembly/building process and in the finish used on the furniture.

    When customers run their fingers over our furniture they are just amazed at how smooth the finish is. All of our custom made and custom designed furniture gets the same attention to detail and smooth to the touch finish.

  6. Finally, each finished piece of custom designed furniture built at George's Woodcrafts is dated with a business stamp and hand signed by the craftsman who built the individual piece. This completes our furniture making process.

As a custom furniture maker, George's Furniture crafts oak furniture, wooden furniture, amish furniture, fine furniture, rocking chairs, sleigh beds and other custom furniture from the finest materials available.

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