George’s Furniture: Handcrafted in Lancaster County

The George’s Difference

George's Furniture is a second-generation family-owned business located in the farmlands of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our furniture is not like the furniture found in furniture stores. It is still made the old-fashion way - handcrafted by artisans that take great pride in the quality of their work. Our customers appreciate furniture that is made to last.

  • There is no short-cut to quality. That simple statement guides our business. That's why every piece of George's furniture is made from choice solid hardwood. No particleboard, pressed board, softwoods, or veneers are used anywhere in our furniture; not even the drawer bottoms or cabinet backs.
  • Each piece is signed by the maker. George's Furniture is handcrafted right in our workshop. There is no factory assembly line - just skilled craftsmen who lovingly follow each piece from the selection of the lumber to the final detail. You can even arrange to see your furniture being made and meet the craftsman.
  • High quality means high value. The furniture is made to last. Our attention to detail and quality control are unmatched. And we sell direct-to-the-customer, which means no furniture store or middleman markup. Whether your taste is country, mission, shaker, or straight-line traditional, we offer high quality at fair prices.
  • Get what you want. Don't settle for something that's not exactly what you want. All of our designs are available in Walnut, Cherry, Oak, and Hard Maple with a variety of stain options. And we offer choices in table legs, chair backs, door/drawer configurations, and sizes. We'll even make furniture to your specifications.


George Martin developed his interest in woodworking at age 10 making his own wooden toys. One of the early pieces of furniture he designed was a rocking chair that would not go over backwards -- in response to a mishap with his mother's rocker. From that day on, George was busy creating all kinds of woodcrafts; specializing in handcrafted, solid hardwood furniture for customers who appreciated quality construction.

George founded George's Woodcrafts in 1970. The business has operated at the present farm location just outside historic Maytown since 1975. In 2008 George retired, turning the business over to Juanita and Chris Horst, his daughter and son-in-law who are carrying on George's obsession with quality.


Building top-quality, handcrafted furniture is not just a seasoned skill -- it's an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality to our customers. It means using only the best materials, dogging the details, and staying true to our proven process:

Step 1 - Drying the lumber
It begins with harvesting native trees at the right time, and the specifications we give to the sawmill. But most important is the drying of the lumber. We slow dry the rough-sawn lumber in our own kiln to reduce stress cracks that can occur in the grain if dried too quickly. Moisture in the wood can over time lead to loose joints, splits, and warping. In fact, some lumber will dry for several years before it is ready to be made into furniture. Even after the kiln-dried lumber meets our moisture standards, it is stored in a climate-controlled building until it is needed.

Step 2 - Construction
A craftsman is chosen to handcraft, from start to finish, the furniture that has been ordered. He reviews the plans and selects the boards to be used, paying close attention to the grain and color. He then processes the boards through our joiners, planers, and table saws until they are ready to be glued to the desired sizes. Next, the craftsman carefully cuts, turns, and sands the pieces to exacting specifications. Each table leg and bed finial is individually hand turned on a lathe. Throughout the exacting assembly process, precise hand sanding ensures proper fit and finish.

Step 3 -- Finishing
The assembled piece of furniture is taken to the staining station where the craftsman hand rubs the color-specified stain into the wood. After the stain has thoroughly dried, the furniture is taken into the dust-filtering spray booth where two coats of a premium-quality clear, water-resistant finish are applied to the top, bottom, outside, and inside to seal the piece and protect it from moisture. The first coat of finish is dried and sanded. After the second coat, the piece is closely inspected for smoothness and coverage.

Step 4 - Final inspection
Each piece is very carefully inspected to make sure it meets George's Furniture quality standards. We know that our customers have high quality expectations. One of the last acts in the manufacturing process is applying a dated George's furniture touchmark in a place that normally won't be seen, and having the craftsman that made the piece hand sign it, showing his pride in the artisanship. And finally, arrangements for delivery are made.

Tour our woodshop -- We offer free tours of our woodshop and showrooms Monday through Friday. See for yourself how George's Furniture is handcrafted. Click for more information.

See your furniture being made - As a special treat if our customers request it, we'll let them know when their furniture is being made so they can arrange a visit to meet the craftsman who is handcrafting their furniture, and watch it being made.

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As a custom furniture maker, George's Furniture crafts oak furniture, wooden furniture, amish furniture, fine furniture, rocking chairs, sleigh beds and other custom furniture from the finest materials available.

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